Digital Signage

In today’s crowded and over-advertised world we live, differentiation is key.

Digital signage is one of the most innovative media to help you make a difference and be noticed in a very crowded place, reach your audience in purchasing conditions or make sure they remember you better then with traditional static signage.

From conception to installation we support your digital signage requirements, including audit, broadcasting strategy and audience et traffic measurement.

Our services include:

• design, conception of digital signage networks from a technical and marketing strategy standpoint.
• audit of existing installations to help you improve, upgrade or transform your digital signage network.
• digital signage strategy including location, ergonomic and usability and also help you define to most effective support and content.
• evaluation and testing through automated audience measurement, anonymously and 100% secure.
• strategic business analysis with a business case approach to measure the economic viability of your digital signage project and its ROI or ROO.

We work with the best technical partners in the market who offer the best HW and SW solutions that exist.